Register Domain Name Free of Charge? Is this Real or Fake?

Register Domain Name

It is wise to think twice about a deal that is too good. That said, it is critical to confirm that a deal is exactly what it is said to be. Some people tend to hide the bad side through heavily concentrating on the good side.

Free domain name registration is no different. Put in the extra time to confirm that the ‘free’ does not come to cost you more than you would have if you had bought the domain name in the first place.

What does free domain name registration mean?

Getting a domain name is usually triggered by the need to launch a website. It involves identifying registrars who sell the domain name or offer it for free. In the interest of this article, we will only focus on the ones providing these domains for free.

Free domain name registration means getting a network address that gives your website its identification. This is what your clients will use to locate you online. It comes for free for the following reasons;

  • Someone does not mind giving it for free
  • A hosting provider provides it for free as long as you hire them to host your website
  • The registrar or hosting company is trying to market their company

If you are new to web hosting, going for a hosting company that acts as a registrar and can host your website in the process would be the best option. However, if you can host your website, you can easily get the free domain registration.

What goes into free domain name registration?

For starters, you need to come up with your business name. The same way you would pick a name for a company is the same way you choose one for your domain name.

The next step is to check out the various free domain name registrars such as Wix and award space. Make sure the registration is completely free of charge. Some may include an extra cost for a specific popular domain such as .com.

Once you ensure the domain is free, place your business name along with the domain and register the entire network address to complete the domain name registration.

The last thing you need is to make sure that the domain name belongs to you. You can do this through websites that reveal domain name registrations and owners such as

You can also verify the ownership details and have your registrar make changes in case the details are wrong.